House Raising & Lifting in Borger

House Raising & Lifting in Borger

Based on this realization as well as other factors, Borger Foundation Repair was started as a full-service foundation raising and lifting company. We take a systematic approach to solving your foundation repair needs. We focus on being a consultant that presents solutions – not just a one size fits all approach. In many cases, you will find we recommend monitoring a situation rather than writing a bid proposal. We partner with you to offer solutions that meet your budget. We have many tools available for foundation repair to lift and stabilize your sinking foundation, multiple methods to repair basement walls as well waterproofing and interior drain systems for your basement needs.

If it is found that your home sits at a critical low point on your property where water can collect and damage your foundation, then action needs to be taken to remedy this sloping issue. Grading a yard is one solution but, in some cases, lifting and raising a home is the most effective way to keep a house dry and protected against significant erosion and water damage. Borger Foundation Repair can raise homes, both safely and economically, using a variety of proven elevation techniques and foundation systems customized to each job. This process is ideally suited for homes on existing timber pilings that are in good condition, where the home is now too low per revised flood maps, or by local ordinance. Our helical system can be used to elevate homes and provide homeowners peace of mind.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair contractor in Borger, Texas. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Foundation Replacement
  • Piering
  • House Raising
  • And More House Lifting Services!

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Foundation Replacement

Lifting the house is the safest and most efficient way to replace the foundation. Fireplaces, chimneys, decks, and additions can easily and safely be lifted along with the house. If your foundation is affected by this particular issue, we would be happy to meet with you to talk through the option of lifting your house. After visiting your home, we can provide a free quote.


There are various types of piers that can be used to fix foundation damage like drilled piers to stabilize a foundation that is settling or moving laterally, steel piers to are hydraulically driven into the bedrock, and concrete piers that are columns that are formed by pouring liquid concrete into holes drilled into the ground.

House Raising

House raising involves the process of separating a house from its foundation and temporarily raising it with methods such as hydraulic screw jacks. Depending on the structure itself and the purpose of raising the house, it could be raised as low as 6 inches or more than 12 feet. This process is not just limited to homes but also used for commercial buildings, barns, and other types of buildings and structures.

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